What are accents in home decor

What Are Accents In Home Decor?


An accent piece or accent color adds just the right amount of punch to an otherwise neutral space. From pillows to rugs to decorative dishes, accents can complement your existing home décor and make it feel more like your home rather than just a house you live in.

This article explains what home accents are and how they can help make your home decor feel more personal and inviting. An accent in general is an extra detail added to an object or place that helps to bring it to life and give it more personality or dimension. It can be as simple as adding flowers in a vase to your kitchen counter or as complex as staining the concrete in your backyard and installing tile borders around the entire patio.

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There are countless home accents that you can add to your home decor to make it feel more like you but here are some of the most popular ones that people add to their living spaces today.

Do you want an area rug that will tie together elements of your decor or do you want a large piece of artwork that will make people take notice? While there are no rules when it comes to adding style here are some guidelines

What is an accent piece?

An accent piece is something that is not crucial to your decorating scheme but instead something that gives off a flare of design or color. The beauty of decor home accents is that they allow you to add flair and interest without committing yourself.

If your room doesn’t feel quite finished, try adding a new accent piece before taking a more serious step like repainting walls or changing out furniture completely.

It’s inexpensive and easy to try things out without feeling overwhelmed. Here are some common accent pieces’ plants statues, wall clocks, lamps, and mirrors as you can see there really isn’t one specific type of thing that could be a home accent.

Do accent walls make the room smaller?

Many homeowners like to use accent walls to spice up a room. These are often painted in bolder colors but there is nothing wrong with using tasteful patterns. What some homeowners don’t realize is that these walls can sometimes make a room appear smaller and more cramped than it is.

This shouldn’t be surprising since a lighter-colored wall will reflect more light and give you an impression of space in your house.

If you still want to go ahead with an accent wall here’s how you should do it if you have two main focal points (such as a fireplace or a large window) in your living room, consider creating an illusion of depth by painting them both with different colors.

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Accent Colors Are Important

Accent colors add life to a room. They’re usually bolder more vibrate and have a higher contrast than your primary color. They might also have an element of pattern or a texture like stripes or sparkles. Contrast is what gives your room dimension and makes your walls look like they’re receding into space.

For a subtle accent color that won’t overpower your space try pastels instead of bright neon. It will still stand out but won’t distract from other elements in your room that you may want to shine. Also, avoid monochromatic schemes if you’re looking for some extra pop.

If you choose two different colors one should be a lot lighter than the other so it stands out when placed next to each other.

Accent Wall Paintings

An accent wall is an irregular feature on a single simple wall that causes it to be painted a different color than the rest of the room bringing out the structural elements of the room and calling attention to the focal point.

Accent walls help when it comes to high-traffic areas because they offer more protection against wear and tear than bare walls. The Wood sealer will be an essential part of your schedule if you want your kitchen cabinets to look good for as long as possible.

Accent Furniture Can Make a Statement

There is nothing like that perfect accent piece to liven up a room. From paint color and accessories to decorative pillows and vases it can make an area feel warm and welcoming. For many homeowners, accent furniture is a good way to switch up their living space without spending too much money or completely redecorating.

If you’re considering adding a few new pieces to your house but aren’t sure what accent furniture may look best with your existing decor, it’s time for some inspiration. Here are five types of accent furniture that will give your house an updated appeal.

Accent Lighting Adds Personality to Any Room

Accent lighting can make a small room and make it feel cozy or bring a large space to life. They’re relatively inexpensive easy to install and even easier to use. Accent lights set a mood and make rooms look their best.

And unlike overhead lighting, they draw attention toward artwork architectural parts or even that spectacular view outside your window. Well, it’s simply any light fixture focused on one area of a room.

An accent light might be under-cabinet lighting above your kitchen sink or an up light mounted above your dining table. It could be an LED strip along with your ceiling for ambient background illumination or a track light spotlighting art over your fireplace mantel.


Accents of color texture and pattern transform a basic space into something special. They can be used to dress up a room or add a statement. The best way to select your accent is to think about what you’re trying to accomplish.

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