Unusual Paint Colors Interior Designers Love to Use

Unusual Paint Colors Interior Designers Love to Use

In this blog, we are going to discuss the UNUSUAL PAINT COLORS INTERIOR DESIGNERS LOVE TO USE. Paint is a highly important but often overlooked item when it comes to the design process. However, not just any paint or color palette will do choosing a particular mood in mind is what will take your décor from a line at the store to an elegant interior that tells your story. Interior designers have been sharing some of their favorite paint colors they love to use and we are here to give you some insight on exactly how they are using them. Suddenly the world does not seem as dull anymore!

Here are the lists of those paint colors that interior designers love to use

Benjamin Moore Delray Gray:

“My favorite warm gray is Delray Gray,” Mojo Stumer designer Carolynne Kollar says. This color is for the customer who wants a versatile and easygoing shade, which will look good in any type of room, but especially where you have many lighter mechanisms like flooring or large pieces of equipment – such as in an all-white study with metallic accents. This particular shade produces an exceptional neutral base tone that most people find they can live with better than others do.

Sherwin-Williams Sashay Sand:

Michelle Harrison-McAllister, Owner and Founder of Michelle Harrison Design, says she loves how “easy on the eye” Sashay Sand is. Michelle Harrison-McAllister says; “This color (Sashay Sand) brings a calm and relaxed vibe to any room,” in addition, “[And it] will make any décor style blush.” The Sashay Sand from Benjamin Moore has been an exciting new color into my arsenal of go-to hues.” This light pink paint color can be used in many types of environments because it is such a versatile color that works well with almost any style of room. “It can make you feel calm or awake depending on the level of brightness,” adds Harrison-McAllister. It plays well with earthy tones, cool blues such as teal and dark steel grays along with crisp whites in your bathroom and cozy grays in your bedroom too.

Sherwin-Williams Urbane Bronze:

“Juliana Oliveira, Principal Designer and Owner of beyond Interior Design in Doral (Florida), says the Urbane Bronze finish by Benjamin Moore is “neither a gray nor a brown, but rather both.” Therefore, it makes a great addition to any color palette, according to the designer Juliana Oliveira. She also said that; “We use Urbane Bronze for exterior applications more than anything else; however, we do not shy away from using it on interior projects as well.

Benjamin Moore Rosy Peach:

“Rosy Peach is the best color for creating a bit of dynamism in virtually any living space,” Robbie Maynard noted, an interior designer at Robbie Interiors. The perfect shade of pink, Maynard had to agree that it is whimsical and tropical while serving as both a welcoming hue and one that is refreshingly unexpected. In terms of making an impactful statement, Rosy Peach pairs well with Chestertown Buff by Benjamin Moore or Aegean Teal by Benjamin Moore. “I love color—it’s the easiest way to brighten up a room!” said Maynard.

Sherwin-Williams Isle of Pines:

Painters have their distinct approaches when it comes to painting a room, but other less obvious decisions also need to be made. These things can affect the time and money spent on a project, among many other important factors. When designing bedrooms, Iman Stewart knows that she has to go with a color that can make a striking impact. color Isle of Pines does just the trick! It is one of her favorite colors, says Stewart, and it works especially well in flat or low-luster finishes. “This is a perfect way to incorporate my favorite color,” Stewart notes, “because there is fullness about Isle of Pines that makes it perfect for both interior and exterior applications.”


We hope this blog helped you learn more about what interior designers are using to paint walls. We truly believe that paint can make or break the look of your home. We are sure that you have found the inspiration you were looking for to paint your interior walls. These paint colors will help you achieve the look you need to achieve, and we hope that you can use this information to help you achieve your home design goals. If you have ever wanted to update the paint color in your home, but you did not know what to do, we hope that this blog post has helped you to find a color that you will love.

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