Best Choice Products Set of 2 Adjustable Steel Mesh Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Recliners w/Pillows and Cup Holder Trays, Black

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$ 120

LOCKABLE RECLINING SYSTEM: Smoothly glides into an ergonomic zero-gravity position, with removable elastic cords that immediately adjust to your body’s weight PORTABLE DESIGN: Lightweight, foldable design makes these an easy addition to your next trip to the park, beach, or your child’s next sporting event CONVENIENT & DETACHABLE TRAY: Removable tray is built with two cup holders, a phone holder, and a tablet holder so you never have to be far from your favorite drinks or media devices! DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Features a high, 250-pound weight capacity with flexible, low-wear textilene fabric for lasting quality! REMOVABLE, ADJUSTABLE HEADRESTS: Includes a removable, padded headrest for an extra element of adjustable comfort; OPEN DIMENSIONS: 32.5″-61″(L) x 25″(W) x 33.5″-44″(H); FOLDED DIMENSIONS: 38″(L) x 25″(W) x 6″(H)

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38 x 9.5 x 26 inches

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16.3 pounds


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10 reviews for Best Choice Products Set of 2 Adjustable Steel Mesh Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Recliners w/Pillows and Cup Holder Trays, Black

  1. A&J Patz

    Purchased for my boyfriend to use over the summer with the travel trailer. He wanted them so badly, but would never buy for himself. This was a Christmas gift…we’ve used the heck out of ’em! They’re durable, comfortable and my favorite thing is that they dry really quickly. I also am a huge fan of the drink tray. Our camping buddies (who we usually camp with) had the same chairs in a different color, but they didn’t get the trays with them. I actually had to hide my trays because they kept threatening to take them when I wasn’t looking. LOL…these are wonderful chairs. Very happy with this purchase and hope to get 2 more for the boys, so they can stretch out in them after swimming. (My son falls asleep in them almost every time he sits down. They’re that comfy!)

  2. ExploreWithDon

    I ordered two sets of 2 blue chairs. They were supposed to arrive July 9th-24th, but arrived from BestChoiceProducts on July 3rd. Everything about these chairs seems to be of high quality. They are a bit heavy, but not unbearable. To me that indicates solid framework. We could easily pack these up for camping or day trips. They go from a sitting position to reclining very easily, have knob locks to secure your position if you want to, and are so comfortable I could easily take a nap in it! I like the sturdiness of these chairs. The fabric is nicely woven and tight. I like the pillow that each came with, as well as the “side table”… which, by the way, has a slot for a tablet, another slot for a phone, and two cup holders — one for a glass, and one with a handle indention to accommodate a handled glass, mug, or a cup. The two cup/glass holders and the two holding slots in the side table all have slotted bottoms to allow water and condensation to drip out. In looking for some quality, sturdy, comfortable chairs I’ve sure found them with this product! You can’t go wrong if you buy these. And, they have different colors to choose from.

  3. ublazem

    So far, I quite like these chairs, though I’ve only had them a few days. I have a few concerns, but nothing major.The chairs are quite comfortable (I accidentally fell asleep in one), and the headrest that is pictured can be moved. I slid it all the way down to provide lower back support.One feature I quite liked was that they can be used in either a sitting up position, a fully reclined position, or anywhere in between. This is achieved by a manual locking mechanism that ‘pinches’ the armrest and prevents the rest of the frame from moving. This lock is pretty weak, though, and I can easy push through it, so I’m concerned about how long it will take to wear it out.The only other concern I have are the materials, the metal parts are quiet light, which again concerns me about longevity.There’s an attachment that comes with the chairs that has 2 spots for cups (1 has a handle slot), a slot for a cell phone, and another for a tablet. It’s made entirely out of plastic, so I don’t trust it to hold more than 2 of these items at a time. Still, it’s a nice bonus to come with the chairs.

  4. Jo Bradley

    VERY glad I got this product as similar ones were twice the price! Two chairs for the price of one….I had something similar to this in UK, but one chair cost the price of two of these…I read the reviews and comments about some bits going rusty, others not staying back etc… these are high end designed chairs made cheaper… so what do you expect? Ours, however, seem to be working perfectly…. and have even had my 350lb? Father-in-law sat in them, carefully, with no bad experiences… we’ve had a couple of storms here recently – at first I brought them in, but then decided to leave them out as they are a little cumbersome to carry, but even though they are now covered in mud splats and stickies from the cottonwood tree, they are still fine – not seen any rust or had any problems, and I enjoy sitting in one of them first thing in the sun, with my cup of tea to wake up.I feel you get a little more for your money than expected… high end design done for a fair price… can’t complain 🙂

  5. James A.

    Ignore the negative feedback. These lounge chairs are great! I used them for three weeks before posting this. They are cleverly designed to accommodate every body position from sitting to reclining. The construction is solid, and the mesh fabric is comfortable, especially in hot weather. It’s easy to get in and out of them, and the front bottom cross-brace makes a great foot rest. They are easy to fold, store and unfold, and the cup/magazine tray is clever and handy – easy to put on and take off. The have an adjustable pillow, so you don’t need any other pads or pillows to use them. There are knobs on each side to lock the lounge-recline in position. If there is a shortcoming, it’s that the position locks don’t stay locked well if you move around a lot, but this is a minor problem. I also must add that my wife and I are both under 160 lbs. I don’t know what they would be like if you are super heavy, but for us they are fantastic. And the price is right!

  6. Brandy Morgan

    We realized pretty quickly that with everyone home because of the 2020 quarantine, we would need more spaces to hang out in. I found this set of chairs and put the order in as a temporary measure until we found a patio set that suits the space better.These are perfect though. I can’t really see replacing them anytime soon. They are comfortable, and the little attached tables are really handy! I usually have hot tea, water, a phone, and either a book or my kindle in my immediate area. This tiny attachment made it so I don’t even have to worry about where to put everything. The seat is an excellent place to spend some time watching the birds or reading in the afternoons.I am absolutely thrilled with this purchase.I had a similar seat from Kohl’s that cost about the same for ONE seat as this set cost, and it fell apart after two years. I don’t expect more than about that long out of these, but won’t be surprised if they last longer. They just feel more solid.

  7. Judy BurringtonJudy Burrington

    Great value for the price. Came a day earlier than expected, no damage to chairs in shipping (box only had a couple dings, nothing to cause concern). Comfortable, no assembly except for just hanging the tray on it. We love how easy it goes into whatever position we want and it locks really well. There is a lock dial on both sides, use them both when locking in reclining position if it’s necessary, and don’t try moving the position without unlocking the dials first or you will strip them. The chairs are study enough and quality of materials are what are to be expected for the price. Don’t leave them sitting out when not in use and they will last years. If left sitting in sun and rain expect the fabric to dry rot and metal to rust…common sense stuff. They have a body weight limit of 250 lbs. So, think about that when ordering to avoid exceeding the weight limit and having the fabric rip out.We love the tray, how cleverly thought out design. 2 cup holders, but 1 is shaped to hold your coffee mug with handle. A thick book wont fit in book/tablet slot but no big deal, the tray will still hold it if you don’t use both cup holders at the same time.The chairs are light weight and easy to handle. Treat them with respect and they will last, throw them around and they will break, simple as that.I replaced my old really worn out expensive heavy duty zero gravity chair with these 2 chairs, these are not heavy duty but now my husband and I both a comfortable reclining chair to take camping for the price of 1 heavy duty chair.As for length of the chair, it fits us and we had to move the pillows down. We are 5’3″ and 5’7″. So, it might not be a good fit for someone over 6′ tall.The picture is of me trying it out in our livingroom with my morning coffee and blanket as I do at camp in the mornings. Note: it’s plenty wide enough for a pillow on the side for extra arm comfort…..and I’m a big woman. Lol

  8. Tom Z

    I got this type of chair from Costco and decided to try these as well from Amazon. The Costco chair is a sturdier and feels like it would hold up better over the years, but these chairs are more comfortable (for me) than the Costco chair. Mainly, the pillow is more comfortable, though the mesh feels cheaper and not as stuff as the Costco chair, which actually makes it more comfortable for me. These have been rained on a lot over the last few weeks that I’ve had them, but so far I don’t see any signs of rusting. Not sure if they will hold up to salt water and sand at the beach, but we’ll see.**Edit**There is a lot of rust on the bottoms metal supports after about a year or so out in the weather. Still good chairs. Still use them all the time. Still comfortable. Would still buy another set.

  9. Chappy

    I have another really high end zero gravity chair in XL so I did not expect much for this price.. . all other chairs seem to be 2x the cost. Rolled the dice and…Wow was I surprised! I am 6’2” 220lbs. Yeah they are a little sketchy..( make sure u fold it out) ..yeah they stink a little. Overall once you are in the chair very comfy and easily adjusted. Spent 3hrs watching the stars tonight.Best part imo there is a very secure either side holder for a book, magazine, phone and my beer. Locking handles are secure. My legs hang over as expected (still way comfy) and normal width.These will be my backyard/camping chairs from now on. I am glad I did not go with the 2x price ones.. probably the same thing 😉

  10. Saltwater🏝SoulSaltwater🏝Soul

    We got these in the mail about 2 weeks ago. Took them both out of the box and they are quite heavy for me.After seeing other bad reviews on here about parts of the chair being rusted or bolts or screws not tightened, I went over these chairs with a fine tooth comb. There was NO rust or lose scews or bolts.My husband is over 6 ft and weighs about 250 lbs. He fit into his chair comfortably. No bending of the legs of the chair or anything of the sort.Now we will be taking them camping to the coast. We know they will start to show rust. The best way to keep this from happening too soon we spray Free lubricant on the working parts or metal parts. Also wash the chairs off good of any salt water or sand. Then spray them again with Free lubricant or wd40. It will help any metal frame chair to last longer.I bought a chair from big lots to take out on the beach for 20 bucks. I do the same with that chair with the lubricant spray and its been down to the gulf on the beach for the last 3 years. It has no rust on it yet.Great chairs for the price. And they DO come with cup holders if that is important for some people.Thr material is made of strong mesh that doesn’t feel cheap at all. The frame seems very sturdy. Photos enclosed with this review.

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