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Global Hotel Interior Design Market 2022


Hotel Interior Design Market based on product type application and a region comprising market size and forecast of global Hotel Interior Design market and its growth opportunities in coming years was valued at $13 million in 2017 and is expected to reach by the end of 2022 with an expected CAGR of during the forecast period.

The report studies the global Hotel Interior Design market and analyzes and researches the Hotel Interior Design development status and forecast in the United States EU Japan, China India, and Southeast Asia.

Hotel Interiors
Hotel Interiors

Sustainability in the hotel industry

The hotel interior design industry has witnessed a major shift in its outlook. The industry is no longer limited to lodging and management. Hotels have now become entertainment centers that offer a variety of services to clients.

With an increasing number of countries getting exposed to entertainment leisure and hospitality businesses there is an equally growing need for interior designers to craft exclusive designs for hotels. The industry has witnessed unprecedented growth over time backed by evolving trends technology and changing socio-economic conditions globally.

In particular Asia Pacific continues to be on top due to rapid urbanization, increased disposable income levels technological advancements, and improvement in digital connectivity among other factors.

Investment Opportunities in The Market

The market report provides information about key growth drivers challenges and investment opportunities in The Global Hotel Interior Design market. Companies in The Global Hotel Interior Design market are focusing on continuous technological innovations to improve operational efficiency.

There is a huge potential for partnerships and collaborations between various stakeholders of The Global Hotel Interior Design market. It helps decrease spending accelerate time to market and increase return on investments. Growth opportunities are created for companies active in activities to develop new products processes for making production faster more cost-effective and highly efficient with fewer errors.

Competition has increased among players based on various parameters such as innovation capability and product quality control. The global Hotel Interior Design market is a growing industry with huge potential for investment opportunities. The market is divided into different segments and sub-segments. This report covers all these segments of The Global Hotel Interior Design market in detail along with future growth expected during the 2017-2022 period.

Wood and Wood-Look Flooring

Hotel owners want their hotels to reflect a sense of luxury comfort and above all elegance. Wood plays an important role in creating these visual cues and enhancing them further making it a preferred choice by hotel owners around the world. A good number of contemporary hotels have been seen flaunting wood flooring.

These floors can be seen in use even in restaurants and lobbies that are located on higher floors. This is mainly due to its exquisite appearance and excellent acoustic properties which are quite crucial while hosting functions or meetings in large hotels with multiple rooms and varying acoustics.

Wood offers superior thermal insulation compared to most floor materials such as carpets tiles or other synthetic materials which further adds to its worth as a preferred choice of material for hotel interiors around the world.

The Great Outdoors

Choosing to create an interior design for a hotel that only has minimal square footage may seem like a difficult task but here are some tips for maximizing your space when designing for minimal square footage. Maximize Vertical Space It is easy to add height to any room, no matter the budget.

More shelves and storage units can be a really smart addition to small spaces, so they can store several items at once. And if you have limited floor space, then it is best to use as much of it as possible by incorporating wall-mounted furniture. By placing them on walls you will also maximize floor space by freeing up more of it for other uses such as installing a bed or even placing a sofa in front of it.

And if there’s still more floor space left over after all that then incorporate rugs or carpets into your plan. They’re not just decorative they also act as sound absorbers which will help reduce noise in areas where there are lots of people walking around or using equipment such as elevators and escalators.

Hotel Designs
Hotel Designs

Designing for Minimal Square Footage

This report anticipates that the hotel design market will total $20.34 billion reaching North and South America the Asian Pacific region and Europe. These regions contain the most prominent companies operating in the hotel design market including Accor Hotels Hilton Worldwide Holdings Hyatt Hotels Corporation InterContinental Hotels Group.

Intercontinental Exchange Kempton Hotel & Restaurant Group Marriott International Recruit Holdings Co Ltd. and Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. include Anderson Merchandisers Pvt. and other influential members of the industry including architects, designers, contractors, and consultants.

The global hotel interior design market is segmented into four major product types which are furniture products and accessories room décor products technology products and others. Each product type has been further sub-segmented into various applications to provide a clear understanding of their contribution to revenue generation as well as future growth potentials.


The report offers a comprehensive analysis of the Global hotel interior design market on a global and regional level. The regions covered in the report are Asia Pacific North America Europe Latin America and Middle East & Africa. At first key business overview including definitions and classification is discussed for market understanding.

This will provide users better understanding of the market competition landscape and product offerings from various vendors. Next part of deals with industry chain analysis which helps to understand various suppliers along with major manufacturers across the end-to-end industry value chain.

This section gives information about various segments of the industry including upstream raw materials equipment downstream consumer analysis along with major marketing channels details.

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