GEIRFE&DANIs Portable Closet Wardrobe

GEORGE&DANIS Portable Closet Wardrobe

An idea of putting things systematically is organization. The organization is aesthetically pleasing, it gives you the pleasure that your stuff is placed in the desired place and you can easily find it when needed. Organizing the wardrobes is fun, without it you have those episodes where nothing can be found, and you won’t be able to know what to wear and buy and what to not.

GEIRFE&DANIs Portable Closet Wardrobe

An organized wardrobe is a source of satisfaction and time saving for us. The cleanliness is half faith. An organized closet wardrobe brings us delight that clothes, shoes, sweaters, bags, and accessories are in the right place. It won’t be difficult for us to find an outfit for the day, matching shoes and accessories. Life will be calm if we have such organizers bins, portable shelves, and a modular plastic pantry for our bedroom. Amazon has a variety of such closet wardrobe organizers, but GEORGE AND DANIS’s portable closet wardrobe is worth buying. It has given you options to put folded clothes and hang clothes very effectively.

This is a portable wardrobe closet large, you can set hanging sides and cubes according to your need and desire, like 5 hangers and 16 cubes, 5 hangers 12 cubes, 3 hangers 16 cubes. You can do it yourself the way you want. It is made up of a soft polyresin sheet and metal frame having a powder-coated finish.

What does the package include?

This closet wardrobe has several cubed organizers and hanging clothes sides (71W ×18D×71H ), cabinet shelves are also included along with organizer bins. It’s a complete package for anyone’s bedroom where he/she can store all their desired clothes.

Further, the package (Modular Wardrobe 5×5  tier) has the following items.

 54 pieces rectangular panel (17.7× 13.8 in)

25 pieces square panel (13.8×13.8 in)

25 pieces square door (13.8×13.8 in)

76 pieces connectors

5. pieces hanging doors

1 piece hook

150 pieces of cable tie

1 piece wooden mallet

1 piece gloves

One can easily hang 7-12 dresses in the hanging section. 2-6 dresses or pieces of clothes in a storage cube. Hooks provide additional space to hang clothes.  It has multi-purpose uses, it does not typically serve the purpose of the wardrobe but GEORGE AND DANIS this product can be used as a portable closet, storage rack, toy organizer, dresser, bookshelf, grocery items storage, and many more.

The modular storage system allows more space to store things like clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, toys, etc. This allows you to be creative and do the fun with cubes. Assembling is also easy. One can do it his own by just joining the panels with connectors and your closet wardrobe is ready.

This portable closet is an amazing investment, one doesn’t need to buy large and heavy wooden or iron wardrobes. This GEORGE and DANIS wardrobe will fulfill all the purposes of your organized life.

It’s light in weight but firmly built.

Product Review:

I love spick and span home and for that, I like to buy organizers which are helpful in daily use. The portable closet of GEORGE AND DANIS is really what I need. All my seasonal clothes are easily hung inside. I have made three hanging sides that have carried all my hanging stuff and the iron remains intact. I assembled it in my way, which was very friendly. All the provided material was useful and it took me almost an hour to give it the desired shape. Cabinets and modular storage have enough space to keep the bulky and heavy items as well. Cubes’ storages are so firm and sturdy.  Accessories and shoes are easily managed now. It’s so beneficial to put my favorite bags in as well without losing their shape. One thing I like about it is that it is very graceful to keep anywhere in your home. I preferred to use it as a closet and it’s in my bedroom. Earlier, I had a wooden wardrobe that had the termite so this plastic and metal are of quality and do not seem to be decayed soon. They don’t have limited space, we can customize the cubes and expand them according to our needs. In addition to that, the seller sends extra hooks which makes more space to hang clothes like scarves, hats, and other little hanging things.  Cable ties were also part of the package as a gift. Their customer service is up to mark, I called them for a query and the response was brilliant. Delivery was on time. I got my parcel within 48 hours. The overall quality of the product is commendable, anyone can adjust it in his small or big room. I will recommend this foldable closet wardrobe due to its durability and due to its space and pocket-friendly price.

Check out George and Danis closet here with full specification

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