Bedroom Interior Tips 2022

We asked popular experts to identify the interior design that will be relevant in 2022 and beyond. While the old ones are still there – crisp, the fabrics are good, the lighting is good, the storage is good for the clothes – there are some nice new rooms and ideas for the next year you can enjoy.

1. Be Confident with The Blue:

If you want a peaceful atmosphere in your living room in 2022, the solution may be blue – in all its variations. Katie Lion, the interior designer from Kitesgrove, chose blue for this small but soothing space: “Ink teal is a beautiful color that immediately looks refined and calm. We didn’t want it to replace the bedroom, so we limited the use to headboards, pillows, and built-in wardrobes, and then used a lighter blue (Farrow & Ball’s Skylight) on the walls and ceiling that the room feels like. light and balanced dark tones. Katie used space-saving tricks, such as wall lights to create more space on the top shelves of bedside tables, and clever storage under the bed.


2. Tune your room to Perfection

The room in 2022 is all about layers – whether it’s tonal color differences on different surfaces, a mixture of patterns that take place when examining a particular palette, or a dynamic mixture of textures. Two or three variants of each are enough to create a comfortable space, which is the last thing you see at night and the first thing the next day.

Interior designer Katharine Paravicini is able to add small points of visual importance to her designs: “Interestingness and many fine details bring curtain and upholstery to the room. And we bring other materials, such as ready-made bedside tables, copper wall lamps, ceramic lamps, or rattan ceiling lamps.”

3. Supersize Headboard

Ideas for large, super-large foreheads have been around for a long time, but style is evolving. Colorful matte patterns replaced the shiny monotonous texture, and the shapes were more complex. The rectangle is replaced by curves and freely shaped asymmetrical pieces, which are themselves almost works of art. Find an upholsterer with experience in captions and discuss your ideas for shapes, sizes, and fabrics before placing your order.

4. Use Art as the Backbone of Your Design

The bedroom is probably the most private and intimate space in the house, a place where you can relax and be yourself. So art is even more important here. A classic starting point for the color scheme of the room is a popular work of art. Make it your color key – experiment with the colors used, select two or three, and then remove them.

“We designed this girl’s living room to add to the client’s art collection,” said interior designer Kate Guinness, who took over the rug in Morocco.


5. Be Confident when it comes to Colors

Getting color directly into the room can be a daunting task. Despite all their experience, it can take professionals a long time to decide. There is a lot to consider – the size and shape of the space, the natural light available and its direction, for whom it is, and so on.

“A large space always holds a colorful blanket that can be used in light in the north and south,” said Tom Morris of Morrisstudio. “If the wall colors are strong, I’ll reduce the color of the furniture or vice versa.”

If you’re the type who likes (or needs) a little grandeur in the morning, consider earthy red tones. Although not traditionally considered one of the most iconic colors in the room, these orange-red colors are inspiring and romantic.

6. Put the Light in the Front Room

In the bedroom, different levels and types of lighting can help change the mood to practically – so to speak, ready to work – to relax or read before bed. And this is something to consider when choosing colors.

Sarah Barker of Vanrenen GW Designs thinks about functionality and aesthetics when choosing the right room lighting. “It should be dim lighting and atmosphere, but it is important to be able to read. I don’t like the lights above the bedrooms, so we usually use small wall lights next to the bed for a more attractive light. ‘

7. Use a Boho-Chic Color Palette

Bring color and character to your room with a combination of homemade pieces and unique shopping. Sometimes when decorating, you have to stop caring about what something contains and go with the flow, follow your instincts and choose patterns and pieces that will make you happy.

Opt for the warm side of the color wheel, which includes red, orange, yellow, and green on a yellow basis. This exotic shade of paprika orange can give this room a boho atmosphere, especially when combined with other bohemian bedroom ideas such as bamboo, rattan, wicker furniture, and cinnamon red shots.

Neutral shades with a red or yellow base bring warm tones to the decor design – add different tones and colors for more depth. Contrasting color from the cool side of the color wheel can balance a design dominated by warm colors, such as sharp purple with lots of yellow.

8. Introduce Colorful Furniture

The use of colored furniture allows easy replacement of neutral space. This is great for bedrooms where children can grow up or get tired of certain colors and pieces. Sydney interior designer Tamsin Johnson has developed this well-known, refined design with a deep green library that leads the scene.

“This room belongs to a little girl and we want to create something calm and feminine, but also something that can grow,” Tamsin explained. “A green antique French carved oak cabinet with subtle yellow highlights anchors the room, while soft purple linen beds provide a serene element.”


9. Focus on the Headboard

When it comes to buying your bed and headboard, you should spend as much as your budget allows, because it is a long-term investment. Get the largest size in the room to get the most effective. “Headboards are a cheap way to transform a room. It is an alternative form of artwork, experts Andrew Martin advises.

“With the rise of the boutique hotel and its trendy appearance in residential design, the headboard has become a clear centerpiece of bedroom decoration. Look for inspiration at Firmdale Hotels to use bold colors and patterns, and have fun coordinating the headboard with the wallpaper or bedspread. Don’t be afraid to choose a more unique style because it just adds more character. ‘

10. Bring the Outside In

“During Lockdown, many people do not have access to nature as often as they would like and can still be sought because it is so important to our mental health,” says interior designer Emma Green of Emma Green Design.

“The way to achieve this is to frame and thus highlight the views behind the windows by adding floral wallpaper or introducing greenery. It can be seen in the top-floor bedroom, where the light green wallpaper behind the bed is close to the trees behind the window and seems to be pulling. ”

11. Eliminate Clutter by Smart Storage

Storage has become an important part of the design process and we expect it to continue to dominate as we strive to clean up the clutter for a quiet and peaceful room.

“Clever, thoughtful custom carpentry can not only improve a room’s aesthetics but also create a sense of calm when, when everything is in place and stored, to maintain a working day of vision and mind,” says Emma Green.

According to Doug Haswell, furniture manager, Caple: “Built-in furniture is becoming increasingly popular for the sleeker finish of a room. After all, research suggests that people spend a third of their lives in bed, so it’s important to make sure your environment is comfortable. With everything hidden behind closed doors, it can definitely improve your sleep.

“Choose neutral colors for a more relaxed decor and consider a simple front door with less detail. After all, the less the room is crowded, the better for a good night’s sleep. In fact, sleeping styles are evolving to be nice for a better finish, so doors that match the front are popular, as are more neutral shades. Designs have also changed over the years, and some may now have a built-in finish for a less dirty look in a room created for a good night’s sleep.

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