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5 Things to Know Before You Meet With an Interior Designer

Designing your home can be an exciting yet intimidating process especially if you’re not sure where to start. An interior designer will help you bring all your ideas together and create the home of your dreams. Before you set up your first meeting with an interior designer make sure you know these five things about them and how they can help you create the home of your dreams.

Before you meet with an interior designer there are some things you need to know about their job and how they can help. Working with an interior designer can be helpful but only if you understand their role and how they can help you in the process of designing your home or space.

Here are 5 things you should know before you meet with an interior designer about your next project.

Top 5 Things to know before you meet with an interior designer   

1) Know Your Goals

If you have a clear idea of what your space is lacking an experienced designer can help fill in that gap. But if your vision is all over the place don’t expect a professional even one as talented as Jeff Lewis to magically transform your house into something straight out of House Beautiful.

Hire someone when you have specific goals for making your living space better than sit back and let them take care of business. A good interior designer will listen carefully to your needs and wants come up with some solutions run those ideas by you for feedback, and make any necessary adjustments until everyone agrees on a plan.

A great one will also steer you away from spending money on things that won’t add value or function to your home. In another word, you want a consultant who understands what makes sense for you and isn’t just trying to sell his or her services.

2) How many designers will I meet?

Many of them will have several designers so they can handle a higher workload. If you happen to be working with a larger firm don’t worry it isn’t personal They just want their designers to meet with as many clients as possible.

While you might expect your initial meeting or two to be handled by lead designers or partners there is still a chance that someone who works at your level will do some of your meetings. Just because they are less experienced doesn’t mean they aren’t well versed in design it just means they may not have met with as many clients yet.

Remember no matter what level of experience your designer has they all went through training and most likely design and architecture. went to school for

3) Designers offer different services

It can be confusing for homeowners to know what services a designer offer. You may think that all designers offer essentially similar services, but in reality, there are many differences among designers depending on their experience and expertise. For example, some designers handle project management themselves while others rely on interior design assistants or a team of project managers. Additionally, some designers focus on design only while others provide room planning services as well.

Your budget will likely determine which type of designer you hire design only professionals tend to cost less than those who manage entire projects and coordinate vendors and home improvement companies. A designer can make all of these things happen at once which can streamline your process significantly

4) How do I choose between interior design firms?

When we first talked I asked what your goals were in meeting with me and I’d like to revisit that. Do you have something specific in mind that we can focus on What’s most important? What’s most valued Sometimes it helps just to say it out loud so that both of us are on board.

There is no right or wrong way but you want to be clear about why we’re here together or perhaps why we are not together for all of your remodeling needs. You may need more than one person for that and if you so let’s talk about who those people might be and how they might work together. That said there are some things I think everyone should know when they sit down with a designer.

 1) Designers aren’t decorators

2) Designers don’t do demolition

3) Designers don’t write checks

 4) Designer’s fee doesn’t include the purchase

 5) Designer’s fee doesn’t include installation

5) What are the fees charged by interior designers?

Interior designers charge in many ways. Most commonly designers take a percentage of your renovation costs. A fee for their design time is also common. What’s important to know is that these fees are not set in stone the final price tag may end up being more or less than what was initially quoted.

For example, if you want expensive materials, such as marble countertops or reclaimed wood floors, you might need to work with a higher-end designer and pay more in fees and or services rendered. But it’s always worth asking how much a specific service will cost upfront so there aren’t any surprises down the road.


If you’ve made it down here, then kudos You’re a rare bird. Before we sign off though I’d like to leave you with one final piece of advice if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

Interior designers often get paid on a commission basis and thus have their agenda in terms of what they might push for in your project. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t come up with some fantastic design solutions or help you realize your vision it just means be realistic about expectations and always ask questions.

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