10 pool landscape ideas featured

10 Pool Landscape Ideas to Create A Stunning Outdoor Space

10 Pool Landscape Ideas To Create A Stunning Outdoor Space


A pool landscape design can add years to the value of your home as well as provide many years of enjoyment for you and your family.

When choosing a pool landscape design, it’s important to keep several important factors in mind budget time frame, privacy, and functionality among them.

1) Create an outdoor room

The important thing is not just to have access from inside but also from outside of your house. One way of doing that is by adding an outdoor room and we mean having one as a part of your overall home design rather than as an extension or addition.

Creating an outdoor room in and around your swimming pool can make any outdoor area more flexible for use year-round and gives you somewhere beautiful and warm to hang out when it’s cold outside. And with sunnier days ahead it’s time to get those backyard pool landscaping ideas

10 pool landscap ideas 1
10 pool landscaping ideas 1

2) How do I landscape my pool for privacy?

There are many ways of creating privacy in your outdoor space and your swimming pool is no exception. Planting hedges trees and shrubs at strategic points can be one way of blocking your neighbor’s view.

If you have an even bigger budget, then using steel or wooden fencing around your backyard landscaping ideas with a pool area is another way of making it more private.

You could also use plants with dense foliage like bamboo or large bushes as another option that can be less expensive than fencing if done correctly.

3) How do I make my pool look tropical?

The Best Natural Ways to Get Tropical Pool Easy is about using natural objects in and around your pool that will look naturally tropical. This is probably one of our most popular articles on all of BuildEazy and it’s easy to see why.

When you want an outdoor space that screams beach house or casino resort incorporating an assortment of plants, trees, shrubs, and other natural items that can help your dreams come true Keep reading for 10 gorgeous tropical landscaping ideas you can use right now.

4) Think to light

Lighting is critical when you’re designing an outdoor space. A lack of sufficient lighting in your backyard can make an area feel closed in and uninviting it’s that whole you can’t see it you won’t go there thing.

At night in particular you must have adequate lighting in place after all part of what makes our yards so relaxing and enjoyable is that we can kick back with a cool drink and watch nature at its finest.

If you want your outdoor spaces to be inviting at all hours of day or night don’t forget about good lighting.

5) Incorporate water features into your landscape

You don’t have to live near a lake or a stream to enjoy the water in your outdoor living area. Adding elements like fountains ponds and koi ponds are easy ways of incorporating water features into your outdoor space.

Even adding water-themed accessories can help with your desire for water. Choose materials and color schemes that coordinate with other aspects of your design including existing landscaping and make sure all of these items are suited for outdoor use.

6) Select potted plants carefully

They’re one of your best options as they come in various sizes and have plenty of color variation. Look for long-lasting plants that resist mold and can handle some shade water lilies are beautiful but maybe short-lived if your pool is shaded for much of the day.

Find out what type of soil works best with each plant; you might need to customize their environment. Don’t forget that bigger isn’t always better sometimes it’s just right. If you don’t have room for large plants opt for artificial greenery instead.

7) How do I make my deck look tropical?

Many people wonder how they can make their pool area look more tropical. A good way to do that is with plants and flowers that are more commonly seen in warm climates. It’s pretty easy if you know what you’re doing so let’s dive into it.

Tropical plants and flowers have a few things in common they need heat they need sunlight and they need moisture especially at first. This means your potted plants will have to stay inside your home until you take them outside at least one day before you want them on your deck or patio.

8) Build a deck or patio around the pool area

Avoid using plants that bear berries or other sweet fruit birds and other animals may be tempted to stop by for a snack. Tall grassy broad-leafed plants can work as an alternative but they have to be maintained regularly.

Trees are usually out of the question due to their height but shrubs can make for attractive privacy hedges if you plant them densely enough. Keep in mind that hedges need regular pruning ideally once or twice per year to maintain their shape and overall look.

9) Add fencing for privacy and safety

I like to place evergreen trees close to my pool because they are dense and can block my view from the outside.

If I am looking for a lot of privacy, I might pick an arborvitae tree. If you need privacy and are trying to block people’s views evergreen willows work best. They can grow up to 25 feet tall and they’re excellent at hiding an entire yard or pool area.

10) What can I plant near my pool for privacy?

Your backyard is your private haven and it can be hard enough to find time to use it. The last thing you want is for people who can’t see past your bushes or tall grasses taking up room in your backyard If you’re tired of looking at all those overgrown plants making you and your guests can’t enjoy your yard it might be time for some landscaping.

We’ve picked out 10 great options for privacy plants so stop stressing over those crazy neighbors get outside and start enjoying your pool

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