10 Cities Around The World For Design Inspiration

Home is where the heart is – and for some of us, it is a space to be creative. With that said, there are limitless ways to decorate our houses and apartments (not to mention offices). When it comes to Interior Design inspiration, no one does it quite like the Japanese. From minimalist aesthetics and innovative concepts to mind-blowing designs, Japanese interior designers are unrivaled when it comes to their ability to create unique spaces and stunning concepts.

Most designers will tell you that the best place to find inspiration is right outside their studio door. However, when your business is ceramics, not everyone lives in a city with a thriving design culture. In fact, many ceramics companies are located in rural areas or places that aren’t known for being design hubs. That’s why one ceramics company which named, Atlas ceramics wanted to see which global cities are most inspiring to design lovers… and the top choice likely won’t surprise you at all.

Are you inspired by the way, people decorating their homes in different parts of the world? What will happen if you could get design inspiration from all over the world? Well, now you can! Follow us as we visit ten cities around the globe, and discover how they are transforming interior design.

interior design around the world


#1: Paris, France

The first city to make it on the list is Paris, France with 292,980 annual Google searches. The architecture in this city inspires designers not only because of its unique and bold designs but also due to its distinct styling.

interior design around the world Paris France
Interior Design – Paris


This year, New York took the second spot with 275,620 annual google searches, praised for its aesthetic inspiration. “New York is a city of design,” writes architecture and design studio Snarkitecture. “It has long been a place where ideas are shared, shaped and consumed at an international level.”


Singapore ranked as the third most searched city for interior design worldwide. It is searched 174,000 on google for design inspiration. Singapore is a multi-cultural island nation in Southeast Asia and known for its bustling activity and diversity, making it a great place to get inspired.

interior design around the world Singapore

#4: London, UK:

In this list, London, UK, become on the fourth most searched city on the google with 144,450 times for inspiration of designing purpose. London is a vibrant city with a rich heritage and culture. It has been the Centre of fashion, music, art and design for centuries.

interior design around the world London


No doubt, Tokyo the city of japan has its own unique style of designing. Tokyo ranked as a fifth searched city on google with 126,830 ratings about interior design inspiration. From the artistic culture to the dining and shopping, Tokyo captures everything one’s heart desires. Tokyo’s traditional style interiors decorated with floral designs, bamboo patterns and handcrafted furniture; featuring short-legged tables and floor mats and it has evolved to match the needs of the 21st-century.

interior design around the world Tokyo


Dubai is the world’s sixth city for design inspiration with 123,510 annual google searches. It is home to an eclectic mix of influences from the rest of the world, which has in turn given rise to a unique culture and design aesthetic that offers a huge variety of design inspiration. From unique shopping malls, to a vibrant and bustling downtown area, to beautiful landmarks and historic sites, there are so many things to experience in Dubai.

interior design around the world Dubai


Miami is an ideal destination for design inspiration. In this list, Miami becomes on seventh designing inspirational city by 86,680 annual searches. Miami is included in this list for its vibrant and energetic lifestyle, which reflected in the decor of homes with an inventive mix of Cuban and classic style that attracts the people all around the world.

interior design around the world Miami

#8: Toronto, Canada

Toronto is home to one of the largest interior design communities in North America with over 250,000 members and 940+ local interior designers according to the Interior Designers Association of Canada. Toronto ranked on the eighth number by 81,510 annual google searches.

interior design around the world Toronto

#9: Los Angeles, United States

A new study that looked into how people in different cities around the world approach design has revealed that Los Angeles is the most influential city of all. The report, commissioned by Airbnb and conducted by Design Trends, asked 2,000 designers from 10 major cities to rank their favorite design city based on inspiration for projects ranging from product development to architecture to furniture design. Therefore, Los Angeles has 69,900 annual google searches and ranked world’s ninth interior design inspirational city.

interior design around the world Los Angeles

#10: Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Hong Kong has long been an international city and a trendsetting center for East Asia, but in recent years, it has truly become an Asian design capital. According to the recent research, Over 100 top and emerging designers, artists, architects and brands will display their work and interact with Hong Kong art lovers during the 2022. Hong Kong set their place at number 10 with 39,630 annual rating searches about design inspiration.

interior design around the world Hong Kong

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